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Lumbarda, island Korčula

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Sea Kayak Rental

Venture Jura MV, HV

“Whether you’re a first time kayaker or a seasoned hand on the sea, the Jura is sure to bring a smile to your face.”

“The Jura is a stable, forgiving sea kayak that is at home on everything from coastal tours to short expeditions. Designed to introduce beginning paddlers to kayak touring and then grow with them as their skills develop, the Jura’s neutral hull tracks straight, yet is nimble on edge.”

You can check Venture Jura Kayaks here.

Venture Capella 160

“The proven performance plastic sea kayak with a long heritage within P&H Custom Sea Kayaks, the Capella 160 has been there, done that and got the T-shirt. This roto-moulded sea kayak will continue to prove its versatility in the Venture range offering true sea kayak handling – anywhere, anytime, any day!”

“Suitable for everything from relaxed expeditions on larger rivers, lakes and coastal areas, to open crossings and multi day trips in challenging conditions. The combination of performance, durability and versatility has already made the Capella the choice of many instructors and centres around the world.”

You can check Venture Capella here.

Prijon Poseidon

Touring double-seater for open waters and coastal tours.

The bow and stern of the POSEIDON possess pronounced keel lines, which ensure better tracking and a pleasant travelling speed. Thanks to the pronounced keels and its width of 68cm the POSEIDON is one of Prijon most stable kayaks.

You can check Prijon Poseidon here.

Gala Paddles – Wolf Multi

“These blades were developed specially for ocean touring. In comparison with the blade Sea wolf Skip wolf incorporates an off-centre in relation to axis of shaft for more comfortable paddling. Its optimal flex and light weight allows for prolonged intensive paddling. Every single kilometer will be fun for you now. Blades do not have an alloy edge and paddle can be split in two for better transport.”

You can check our Gala Paddles here.

Paddles are included in Kayak Rental Price.

Additional equipment – for self guided tours or multi-day rentals

If you are experienced paddler and would like to take our multi day “Secrets of Korkyra” tour self guided you definitely can!

We will be on line 24/7 for you.

You can check it here – SECRETS OF KORKYRA

The rest of the equipment that we will provide includes following:

PFD – personal floating device, spray decks, 1x VHF, dry bags, towline, bilge pump, paddle float, nautical charts and compass, first aid kit and rescue kit (flares, smoke signal and signal rocket)

If you need camping equipment – tents and sleeping bags please note that earlier.

Rental Prices
Venture – Jura MV, Jura HV, Capella 160


Prijon Poseidon


including: paddles, personal floating device, spray decks, dry bag

Venture – Jura MV, Jura HV, Capella 160

189€ (27€  per day)

Prijon Poseidon

245€ (34€ per day)

including: paddles, personal floating device, spray decks

Venture – Jura MV, Jura HV, Capella 160

280€ (20€  per day)

Prijon Poseidon

400€ (28€ per day)

including: paddles, personal floating device, spray decks

Venture Jura MV/HV

jura kayak

Venture Capella 160

kayak capella

Prijon Poseidon

prijon poseidon kayak